Tess Posner - Participant

Tess is a social entrepreneur focused on increasing equity and inclusion in the tech economy. As CEO of AI4ALL, she works to make artificial intelligence more diverse and inclusive and to ensure that AI is developed responsibly. AI4ALL’s education programs for underrepresented high schoolers increase access, awareness, and exposure to the field through culturally relevant AI curriculum that focuses on social impact and ethics. The programs are run at universities including Princeton, Stanford, and Carnegie Mellon and are led by leading AI researchers. Graduates have gone on to do original AI research while still in high school, winning “Best paper” awards and presenting at top academic conferences. AI4ALL has impacted over 1,500 young people around the world. In early 2019, AI4ALL will launch the AI4ALL Open Learning platform that will reach 1M young people around the world with free, social impact-focused AI education.

Before joining AI4ALL, Tess was Managing Director of TechHire at Opportunity@Work, a national initiative launched out of the White House to increase diversity and inclusion in the tech economy, where she oversaw the network of 72 cities, states and rural areas and 1300+ companies implementing the TechHire model. Prior to joining Opportunity@Work, Tess built and ran Samaschool, a social enterprise part of the SamaGroup that equips low-income people to find work in the digital economy. Tess grew the program from a pilot in San Francisco in 2013 to international adoption, now with diverse locations from New York City to rural Arkansas and in East Africa and launched an online training platform, now serving 50,000 students in 70+ countries. Samaschool’s approach to giving low-income populations 21st century skills to tap into the digital economy led it to be named one of the “13 most innovative schools in the world” by Business Insider. Prior to Samaschool, Tess led the employment and education programs at First Place for Youth, a nationally-recognized model that helps foster youth find housing, get their first job, and stay in school. Before First Place, she managed programs that taught competitive debate as a literacy and empowerment tool in underserved public schools in New York City.

Tess’s work has been featured by the Wall Street Journal, the Atlantic, Business Insider, Financial Times, TechCrunch, and Fast Company and funded by top national foundations and influencers including Melinda Gates, Jensen Huang, Google.org, JPMorgan Chase Foundation, Autodesk, Microsoft and the Robin Hood Foundation. She is the co-author of The People Centered Economy: The New Ecosystem For Work and holds a master's degree from Columbia University School in Social Enterprise Administration and a bachelor’s in liberal arts from St. John’s College.





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