Alix Lacoste - Participant

Alix Lacoste, PhD, is the Vice President of Data Science at BenevolentAI, an AI healthcare company that is transforming the way medicines are discovered, designed and developed. She leads a team that grows analytical, visual and machine learning tools for finding new ways to treat diseases. Today, scientists can’t possibly process, contextualize, and make sense of the vast amount of research and biomedical data that is being generated at an ever-increasing pace. Her team is establishing innovative ways to sift through millions of disparate data points in order to identify new and effective drug targets.

Previously at IBM Watson Health, Alix led AI-assisted research projects with academic and pharma partners. This led to a breakthrough when her work enabled the Barrow Neurological Institute to identify five new proteins that are altered in patients suffering from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. For a disease with no effective treatment and a mean survival time of only 5 years, these findings open the door to new therapies.

Alix is passionate about reducing health care inequalities, for example by promoting the use and generation of more ethnically diverse data for drug discovery. She also works to promote diversity in the tech workforce through education outreach.

Alix holds a PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biology with a specialization in Neurobiology from Harvard University. A recipient of awards such as the National Science Foundation fellowship and the IBM Watson Health Marie Curie award, Alix has presented her work in both biomedical and machine learning journals and conferences.





Vice President, Data Science