Steve Unger - Participant

Dr. Steve Unger is a member of the Board of Ofcom, the UK’s communications regulator.  Ofcom regulates the UK’s broadcasting, telecommunications and postal services sectors, plus all aspects of radio spectrum.

Within Ofcom, Steve has executive responsibility for setting Ofcom’s overall strategy. An important recent piece of work was Ofcom’s strategic review of digital communications, which reset Ofcom’s approach to regulation, and set out a new framework designed to incentivise investment and competition in the next generation of communications technologies.  

Steve leads Ofcom’s work to understand the current state of the UK’s infrastructure, as set out in Ofcom’s flagship ‘Connected Nations’ report. He has been responsible for various initiatives to improve the consumer experience of broadband services, including for example a recent report for the UK Government on the design of a broadband USO.

Steve is responsible for Ofcom’s international activities, which include participating in a variety of regulatory networks, as well as representing the UK government in international negotiations on radio spectrum. He is a vice-chair of BEREC (the body which brings together all European regulators) and a Board member of the International Institute of Communications (a global network of communications regulators).

Before joining Ofcom, Steve worked in industry―for two technology start-ups, both of whom designed and operated their own communications networks, and as a consultant advising a variety of other companies on the commercial application of new wireless technologies. Steve has a Physics MA and a PhD in Astrophysics.





Group Director and Board Member