JJ Yore - Participant

JJ Yore leads WAMU, public radio’s news station for the Washington, DC region.

After joining WAMU in August 2014, Yore initiated a major transformation of the station, bringing in new leadership, launching new programming initiatives, and restructuring WAMU’s revenue operations. Since then WAMU has increased its audience by 30 percent, its paying members by 15 percent, and improved its financial position substantially. WAMU also is developing a new program to succeed the nationally syndicated Diane Rehm Show, to launch in January 2017.

Yore has spent much of his career as a journalistic innovator and builder. He was one of the creators of the Marketplace business programs, leading them to win the highest awards in media, including DuPont Columbia and Peabody awards. One of Yore’s most significant roles at Marketplace was to identify, recruit, and develop talent. He also led development of partnerships with The New York Times, Frontline, the BBC, and ProPublica. As general manager, Yore raised more than $13 million from philanthropies for major coverage initiatives and supported development of an internal team that quintupled annual underwriting revenue from $2 to $10 million.

Yore is married to the Peabody and DuPont-award-winning radio and TV producer Mary Beth Kirchner. They have one son, Will.





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