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Richard Bennett is the editor of High Tech Forum, a web site that helps policy makers and investors understand communications technology. A co-inventor of Wi-Fi and the scalable Ethernet architecture, Richard Bennett is known for his deep knowledge of networks and his advocacy of the broad dissemination of communications technologies across all segments of society. He writes and speaks on the challenges and opportunities embodied in the Internet and mobile communication to general audiences and expert policy makers around the world.

An expert witness as well as a former visiting fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, he participates in the State Department’s American Speakers Program, the Broadband Internet Technical Advisory Group, the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore’s Regulatory and Economist Advisory Board, and important technical and policy conferences such as TPRC.

Before transitioning to policy work and forecasting in 2008, he enjoyed a 30 year career in technology, during which he invented four patents, led networking standards activities, and engaged in networking research and development in leading applied research labs and Silicon Valley technology companies. The New York Times, the Wall St. Journal and other major newspapers have published his op-eds, he has testified before Congress, the FCC, and their international equivalents, and he appears regularly on television and radio.



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