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Mark Riedl is an Associate Professor in the Georgia Tech School of Interactive Computing. Mark's research focuses on the intersection of artificial intelligence, virtual worlds, and storytelling. Narrative is a cognitive tool used by humans for communication and sense-making. Mark’s research broadly addresses the question of how to create artificial agents that possess narrative intelligence—the ability to create, tell, understand, and affectively respond to stories. The goal is to discover new algorithms and computational models that facilitate the development of intelligent computer systems that can reason about narrative in order to be better communicators, entertainers, and educators.

Recently, Mark has engaged in research into machine enculturation, the teaching of artificial agents and robots about sociocultural values, norms, and conventions. Mark hypothesizes that encultured machines will have values that are more closely aligned with those of humans and therefore be less likely to create conflict or harm. Mark is currently exploring the use of human-written stories as a way to teach computers about tacit sociocultural values, norms, and conventions.

Mark earned a Ph.D. degree in 2004 from North Carolina State University. From 2004-2007, Mark was a Research Scientist at the University of Southern California Institute for Creative Technologies where he researched and developed interactive, narrative-based training systems. Mark joined the Georgia Tech College of Computing in 2007 where he continues to study artificial intelligence approaches to story generation, computer games, and machine enculturation. His research is supported by the NSF, DARPA, ONR, the U.S. Army, Google, and Disney. Mark is the recipient of a DARPA Young Faculty Award and an NSF CAREER Award.



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