Laura Carter - Participant

Laura Holloway Carter is Assistant General Counsel – Regulatory Affairs, Telecommunications and Internet Governance, at Microsoft Corporation.  Ms. Carter leads a team that develops the company’s telecommunications policy and advises Microsoft’s business units on compliance with telecommunications laws and regulations around the world.  Laura has been with Microsoft since 2009. 

Prior to joining Microsoft, Laura spent much her career in the wireless telecommunications industry, working at Nextel Communications, Sprint-Nextel, Alltel and Verizon where she engaged primarily on FCC and state legislative and regulatory policy.  Laura advised her employers on public policy matters as well as regulatory compliance.

Laura has over 20 years of experience advising companies on telecommunications law and policy, including U.S. federal and state regulation, as well as international telecommunications laws and regulation.  Laura previously served on the Federal Communications Bar Association’s Foundation Board and is currently a member of the FCBA’s Executive Committee and a member of The Wireless Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to developing and supporting initiatives that use wireless technology to help American communities.  Laura holds a BA in Business Administration from Baylor University and a JD from the University of Oklahoma.



Microsoft Corporation


Assistant General Counsel