Jacques Bughin - Participant

Jacques Bughin is Director at the Brussels office of McKinsey & Company. Since joining by end 1992, he has worked in various office locations, for about 600 projects, in various industries and mostly in TMT (Telecom, Media and Technology) and retailing.

Concerning his media experience, Mr. Bughin has among others, helped major public broadcasters worldwide in their redesign of their strategic mission and operations and assisted in the development of a digital strategy for various lead media holdings in Europe. He has led a significant churn reduction program and a new content strategy for a pan-European pay TV operator; helped about five major cable operators in the redesign of their triple play strategy, including network capex redesign, sales and marketing of triple play offers, and new services innovations (smart grid, 4 play, etc.). He has also assisted in the development of on-demand video services for lead worldwide broadcasters.

His extensive technology experience includes: IP digital program platform building for media rights and advertising; new-generation mobile telecom cloud platform for a major European media and telecom operator; development of partnership hybrid model of 3G-MMBS, and DVB for a global mobile operator; developed a growth strategy for major digital coding and automation player; extensive work for major global internet players in the area of search, classified, e-commerce and over-the-top services.

In Telecom, examples of work include: auction bidding for 4G; business case of Wi-Fi integration with mobile cellular data service deployment; fiber business case; participation opportunity in international internet exchanges, telco and ICT cloud strategy for a major telecom operator OEM, and Mobile data pricing strategy for a major telecom operator.

Dr. Bughin is a member of the McKinsey Global Institute Council, has co-authored about 30 McKinsey Quarterly articles. He is a frequent speaker at worldwide conferences on media issues (such as NAB, Midem, INMA, etc.) and has a Master’s degree in economics with summa cum laude. He also holds doctoral degree in economics. He has lectured at many universities. He has published about 30 articles in leading international academic journals. He has co-authored a book entitled “Managing Media Companies: Harnessing creativity” (with A. Aris), Wiley, 2010 (second edition).



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