Max Kelly - Participant

Max is a recognized thought leader in cybersecurity. As Chief Security Officer of Facebook from 2005-1010, he founded, built, and managed the Facebook Security Team. He was responsible for all aspects of Facebook Security, protecting the personal information of hundreds of millions of users. In 2008, his team successfully investigated, prosecuted, and won the largest antispam judgment in history, $873 Million USD.

Prior to Facebook, Max was a Senior Computer Forensics Examiner with the FBI, specializing in UNIX and Apple Macintosh Systems. His career also includes security and high volume experience as VP of Technology at Ticketmaster Online, at the time the second largest ecommerce site on the Internet. He also brings knowledge of international business, high availability, and information theory from his experience as the European CTO of Thomson Financial Services, a division of Thomson Reuters. After Facebook, Max returned to public service and is currently employed in the Tailored Access Operations Division of the National Security Agency.

He holds a BS in Computer Science from Western Governors University, along with numerous industry certifications.

Max has too many interests and very little time. the ones that occupy the majority of his time are: amateur radio (k6mxd), astronomy, firearms, creating electronic (and other) music, fine (and coarse) beer and wine, and amateur foreign policy pontification.



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