Bob Brook - Participant

Robert H. Brook holds the Distinguished Chair in Healthcare Services at the RAND Corporation, where he previously served for 19 years as vice president and director of RAND Health. He is also Professor of Medicine and Health Services at UCLA and directs the Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholars Program. He led the Health and Quality Group on the $80M Health Insurance Experiment and was co-principal investigator on the Health Services Utilization Study. He was the co-principal investigator on the only national study that has investigated, at a clinical level, how Medicare's prospective payment system affected the quality and outcome of acute hospital care. He was also the co-principal investigator on a joint activity of 12 academic medical centers, the American Medical Association, and RAND, the purpose of which was to develop appropriateness criteria and parameters for the use of procedures.

Brook is a member of the Institute of Medicine, the American Society for Clinical Investigation, and the American Association of Physicians. In 2005, Brook won the Institute of Medicine's Gustav O. Lienhard Award, cited "as the individual who, more than any other, developed the science of measuring the quality of medical care and focused U.S. policymakers' attention on quality-of-care issues and their implications for the nation's health." He has been awarded the HRET Trust Award, the David E. Rogers Award of the Association of American Medical Colleges, the Baxter Foundation Prize, the Rosenthal Foundation Award of the American College of Physicians, the Distinguished Health Services Researcher Award of the Association of Health Services Research, and the Robert J. Glaser Award of the Society of General Internal Medicine.

Brook received his M.D. and Sc.D. from Johns Hopkins University.



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Distinguished Chair, Healthcare Services