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The Knight Commission believes public engagement is integral to the effectiveness of its efforts and welcomes discussion around its findings and recommendations. The Trust, Media and Democracy publication on Medium is the principal platform for public engagement with the Knight Commission. Launched in November 2017, it publishes research, commentary and analysis related to the Commission’s mission, inviting public comment. These include:

  • Public opinion research, including a 2018 Knight-Gallup poll of 19,000 U.S. adults on why trust in the media is in crisis, as well as follow-up surveys testing possible approaches for interventions.
  • Knight Papers, which collects white papers by leading academics commissioned by the Knight Foundation on topics including why misinformation flourishes online, the problem of factions in governance and why people are wired to believe what they want to believe. The Knight Foundation also collaborated with on its inaugural monthly magazine, which was focused on the issue of trust, with a white paper on how to build public trust in a polarized age.
  • Guest columns on innovation in local news, how the media can better represent and listen to the public, why the military earns trust, and much more.
  • Drafts of the Knight Commission’s report chapters, along with summaries on comments received. Knight also collaborated with Hearken and WPLN, Nashville’s public radio station, to collect questions from listeners for the Commission.

We chose Medium because it’s a nonpartisan platform and is structured to provide high-quality discussion. We encourage you to join the conversation and contribute your ideas about the report.