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What is Spectrum?

The Aspen Institute Roundtable on Spectrum Policy (AIRS) is a continuing series of roundtable discussions attended by key decision makers from the telecommunications and information industries, user and consumer groups, academics, non-profit leaders, and representatives from federal, state, and local government. Expert participants from diverse disciplines and viewpoints exchange valuable insights, and develop innovative recommendations regarding spectrum policy. Previous AIRS topics include: “Spectrum Policy and the Future of Satellites,” Rethinking Institutions of Spectrum Management,” “Revisiting Spectrum Policy: Seven Years after the National Broadband Plan,” “Preparing for a 5G World,” “Making Waves: Alternative Paths to Flexible Use Spectrum,” “Spectrum for the Wired Network,” “Spectrum as a Resource for Enabling Innovation Policy,” “The Reallocation Imperative: A New Vision for Spectrum Policy,” “Spectrum for the Next Generation of Wireless,” and “Rethinking Spectrum Policy: A Fiber Intensive Wireless Architecture.” Over the years many notable participants, including Dick Green, Reed Hundt, Jon Leibowitz, Yochai Benkler, Eli Noam, Phil Weiser, David Redl, Thomas Hazlett, and Larry Strickling have attended the Roundtable on Spectrum Policy.

The current Roundtable on Spectrum Policy topic is “Recasting PCAST after the WRC-19.”  The Conference is generously supported by the sponsors of the 2019 Aspen Institute Communications and Society Program: Google, Microsoft, AT&T, Comcast, Facebook, New Street Research, T-Mobile, Verizon, Charter, Dodge and Cox, the National Association of Broadcasters, and EchoStar Corporation.

This site displays the report that resulted from the 2019 Roundtable on Spectrum Policy convening that took place in Queenstown, MD, December 8-10, 2019.

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