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Stephen Scott - Participant

Stephen is Founder & CEO at Starling Trust Sciences, a US-based technology company.

A globally recognized pioneer in the RegTech space, Starling operates at the nexus of data science, network science, and behavioral science to produce “Predictive Behavioral Analytics” tools that are used by financial services firms to assess and mitigate culture and conduct related risk, and to identify opportunities for performance improvement across business lines and functions.

Stephen spent a 25-year career in risk management and corporate intelligence, working with: corporate boards and officers; governance, risk & compliance professionals; internal and external legal counsel; PE firms, hedge funds, and other investors; as well as government officials. He has led successful client engagements and investigative undertakings in over 50 countries, and he has lived and worked in New York, Washington, London, Frankfurt, Madrid, and Shanghai.

During that time, clients called on Stephen for critical business intelligence when they were: entering new markets, ventures, or commercial relationships; conducting pre-investment due diligence or testing an investment thesis; carrying out investigations into suspected fraud or corruption; pursuing redress through litigation, arbitration, or government inquiry; and when seeking to advance their interests before government and regulatory agencies.

Earlier in his career, Stephen served as the US Senate’s Chief International Investigator during an inquiry into allegations that foreign espionage agents had sought to funnel illegal monies into the 1996 presidential election in order to gain access to government personnel and intelligence. He later led an inquiry into the wholesale collapse of the banking sector in a Caribbean nation, due to fraud and corruption, as a condition of that country’s continued receipt of IMF support.

Throughout his career, Stephen has seen how business outcomes flow directly from the behavior of people within an enterprise. The internal “trust dynamics” among those people offers essential insights into opportunity for enhanced performance and provides the greatest advance-indicator of potential trouble. By mapping out those trust dynamics Starling generates actionable insights into opportunities before they are lost and into risks before they become manifest.

Stephen holds degrees from Cornell University, the University of York, the London School of Economics, the Columbia Graduate School of Business, and the London Business School.



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Founder and Chief Executive Officer