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What is Institutional Innovation

The Aspen Institute Roundtable on Institutional Innovation is an annual seminar that engages high level executives, mostly from large organizations, to address (and where appropriate reframe) approaches to institutional performance through innovation. The aim for this series is to develop those and other insights into plans for action. Previous Institutional Innovation reports include, The Exponential Shift: Rethinking Organizational Business Models, Making The Invisible Visible: Redesigning Business Processes for Exponential Organizations, Navigating Continual Disruption, Fragmentation and Concentration in the New Digital Environment, Leveraging the Talent Driven Organization, Solving the Dilbert Paradox, Institutional Innovation: Oxymoron or Imperative?, Connecting the Edges, and Navigating Continual Disruption. Over the years, many notable participants including, John Seely Brown, John Hagel, Jeff Schwartz, Governor John Hickenlooper, Stephen Gillett, Robin Chase, Ray Ozzie and David Stern have attended Institutional Innovation roundtables.

This Roundtable is generously supported by senior sponsor Deloitte Center for the Edge and Deloitte Global Human Capital.

What is Aspen Digital?

Aspen Digital empowers policy makers, civic organizations, companies and the public to be responsible stewards of technology and digital media in the service of a more just and equitable world. Through convenings, fellowships, publications, interactive toolkits, and thought leadership, we work towards values-based and human solutions to digital challenges. Aspen Digital shines a light on urgent global issues across the news information ecosystem, cybersecurity, emerging technology, urban innovation and the technology talent pipeline — and then turns ideas into action. Our flagship initiatives include the Tech Policy Hub, Aspen Cyber Summit, Cybersecurity Group, Center for Urban Innovation, Communications Policy, Emerging Technology Trust Initiative, Institutional Innovation, and the Tech X Talent Project.