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Marc Rotenberg - Participant

Marc Rotenberg is President and Executive Director of the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC), an independent, non-profit research center based in Washington, DC. EPIC focuses public attention on emerging privacy and civil liberties issues. Marc also teaches at Georgetown University Law Center. He has testified before the US Congress on more than 60 occasions. He testified before the 9-11 Commission on “Security and Liberty.” He has spoken before the European Parliament several times and given invited lectures in more than 30 countries and at a dozen judicial conferences.

Mr. Rotenberg is coauthor (with Anita L. Allen) of Privacy Law and Society (West 2016), a leading casebook on privacy law, and Privacy in the Modern Age: The Search for Solutions (The New Press 2015). He has coauthored more than 70 amicus briefs on privacy and civil liberties for federal and state courts. He has submitted comments in about 100 federal agency rulemakings and similar agency proceedings.

Marc has contributed to many popular and academic publications, including ABA Human Rights, American Lawyer, Communications of the ACM, Computers and Society, Costco Connect, Economist, Harvard International Review, Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy, Index on Censorship, Salon, OECD Observer, Stanford Technology Law Review, New York Times, Wired, USA Today, and The Wall Street Journal.

Mr. Rotenberg has served on advisory panels, editorial boards, and review committees for many organizations, including for the American Bar Association, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the Carnegie Foundation, the Heinz Foundation, the Institute of Medicine, ICANN, the International Working Group on Data Protection, the MacArthur Foundation, MIT Press, the OAS, the OECD, Stanford Law School program on Law, Science and Technology, UNESCO, and the Yale University Press. He chaired the ABA Committee on Privacy and Information Protection. He is a former chair of the Public Interest Registry, which manages .ORG domain. He currently serves on expert panels for the National Academies of Science (privacy protection for large data sets) and the OECD (risk minimization).

Marc is a graduate of Harvard College and Stanford Law School and received an LLM in International and Comparative Law from Georgetown Law Center.

Mr. Rotenberg is a Life Fellow of the American Bar Foundation, a Life Fellow of the Counsel of Foreign Relations, and has received several awards and honors, including the World Technology Award in Law, the American Lawyer Award for Top Public Sector Lawyers Under 45, the Norbert Weiner Award for Social and Professional Responsibility, and the Vicennial medal from Georgetown University for 20 years of distinguished service. In 2014, he was named one of the leading lawyers in America.

Marc is also Chair of the US Chess Center, which provides chess instruction for schoolchildren across Washington, DC. A tournament chess player, Marc is a three-time Washington, DC chess champion.



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