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Terrence Southern - Participant

Terrence Southern is the Global Lead Robotics and Automation Engineer at GE Global Research.  As an influencer of innovation and a recognized leader in the Robotics & Artificial Intelligence, Mr. Southern leads the Robotics & Automation project strategies across the GE business portfolio which includes research, system & application development, testing and manufacturing system project management & installation.  Over the course of his career, which spans 15 years, he has installed more than 1500 robots on projects across North America for multiple Fortune 100 companies. Terrence is a frequent speaker at industry conferences relating to Robotics & Automation and youth empowerment in STEM careers. As an entrepreneur and mentor, he founded non-profit organization Illuminate STEM where he focuses on promoting educational opportunities and mentoring in the fields of Science, Technologies, Engineering and Mathematics for students in underrepresented communities, grades K - 12. Illuminate S.T.E.M. develops curriculum and activities to ENCOURAGE, EMPOWER and ENABLE students to innovate the technical future of tomorrow. While this role and other corporate positions have been a source of great productivity and professional growth, Terrence’s heart has remained close to children who are products of communities where there is restricted access to science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Terrence earned his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at Tennessee State University in Nashville.



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Lead Global Robotics and Automation Engineer

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