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Louis Rosenberg - Participant

Dr. Louis Rosenberg is a researcher, entrepreneur, and writer.  He is currently Founder and CEO of Unanimous A.I., a technology company focused on amplifying the intelligence of human groups using techniques inspired by biological swarms.  Rosenberg was previously the Founder and CEO of Immersion Corporation (NASDAQ: IMMR), a Virtual Reality company that has been developing innovative human-machine systems for over 20 years.  Rosenberg also founded Microscribe, a company that developed the first desktop 3D digitizer – a technology that was used in the production of many feature films, including Shrek, Ice Age, and A Bugs Life.

In addition to his efforts in industry, Rosenberg has also worked as a researcher and tenured professor at California State University (Cal Poly), where he taught design, engineering, and entrepreneurship.  Rosenberg earned his PhD from Stanford University in the early 90’s. His doctoral work was focused on human-computer interaction and immersive environments, and produced the first functional Augmented Reality system – the “Virtual Fixtures” system that he developed for the U.S. Air Force.  A prolific inventor, Rosenberg has been awarded over 300 patents for his work in VR, AR, and Human-Computer Interaction. Rosenberg is a longtime vegan and friend of all sentient creatures, big and small.



Unanimous A.I.


Founder and Chief Executive Officer