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Douglas Frantz - Participant

Doug Frantz was confirmed as Deputy Secretary-General of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development on 2 November 2015. In this role, he sets the strategic direction of the OECD’s development agenda, notably in the context of the cooperation with the United Nations on the Sustainable Development Goals, and oversees the organization’s global relations portfolio.

He also is responsible for the OECD’s Science, Technology and Innovation directorate. In that capacity, he leads a two-year project on the digital transformation that covers 10 OECD directorates. The project is designed to help policy makers understand the impact of the digital transformation across the full spectrum of society, from jobs skills and social norms to tax and trade regulations.

Frantz joined the OECD from the State Department, where he was Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs in the Obama Administration. He was responsible for communications and social media worldwide, leading a bureau of more than 300 and serving as an adviser to Secretary of State John Kerry. Before joining the State Department, he worked for then-Senator Kerry as deputy staff director and chief investigator of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, where he focused extensively on Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Frantz was a newspaper reporter and editor for more than 35 years, specializing in investigative reporting and covering both Gulf wars and the Afghan war. He worked at The New York Times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune and Los Angeles Times, where he was managing editor. In 2002, he shared a Pulitzer Prize for coverage of the aftermath of 9/11 while at The New York Times. He is the author of 10 nonfiction books on topics ranging from new urbanism to nuclear weapons trafficking. Six of those books were written with Catherine Collins, his wife.

Frantz holds a Bachelor of Arts from DePauw University and a Master of Science from Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.



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