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CHAPTER VI - Conclusion

It is clear that AI technologies are having deeper and more pervasive impacts than ever before, a trend that will only accelerate in the coming years. Many of those impacts will surely be highly beneficial — and many will be socially and economically harmful. In either case, it seems clear that we stand at an inflection point in the development of artificial intelligence that requires us to imagine appropriate frameworks for the deployment of commercial AI systems. How should markets evolve? What are the proper forms of government regulation? What internal governance structures and safeguards should AI adopt? How can social trust in AI technologies be earned?

This conference could not resolve these complicated issues, of course, but it did bring together some of the leading minds in the AI world to collectively take stock of the on-the-ground realities of AI technologies in three important sectors. Leaders from different segments of AI research, development and commercialization were able to identify key questions to ask, debate the social, economic and legal implications, and propose notional frameworks for moving forward.

The issues raised will certainly need further discussion and inquiry because, as one participant noted, we are not facing a single inflection point but an ongoing series of inflection points. In the years ahead, there will be technology breakthroughs, policy proposals, court rulings, public opinion and much else that will guide and direct the evolution of AI technologies. This conference was one attempt to bring the relevant issues into focus.

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