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The COVID-19 pandemic represents an unprecedented national experiment in remote management. Now, eight months in, we’re having to entirely redefine productivity-- not just measure it. With team members reduced to boxes on a zoom screen or cautiously beginning to go back to a changed office environment, forward thinking leaders are seeking ways to build institutional resilience by over indexing on purpose - with some finding surprising advantages to the distributed workforces. Enlightened corporate leaders are taking a wider view of corporate performance and employee satisfaction, while prioritizing the wellbeing of their workforce.

For questions about the Aspen Digital Roundtable on Institutional Innovation, please contact Dominique Harrison.


Vivian Schiller joined the Aspen Institute in January 2020 as Executive Director of Aspen Digital, which empowers policymakers, civic organizations, companies, and the public to be responsible stewards of technology and media in the service of an informed, just, and equitable world. A longtime executive at the intersection of journalism, media and technology, Schiller has held executive roles at some of the most respected media organizations in the world. Those include: President and CEO of NPR; Global Chair of News at Twitter; General Manager of; Chief Digital Officer of NBC News; Chief of the Discovery Times Channel, a joint venture of The New York Times and Discovery Communications; and Head of CNN documentary and long form divisions. Documentaries and series produced under her auspices earned multiple honors, including three Peabody Awards, four Alfred I. DuPont-Columbia University Awards, and dozens of Emmys. Schiller is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations; and a Director of the Scott Trust, which owns The Guardian.

Richard Adler
Distinguished Fellow
Institute for the Future
Alex Alonso
Chief Knowledge Officer
Society for Human Resource Management
Beena Ammanath
Executive Director
Deloitte AI Institute
John Seely Brown
Independent Co-Chairman
Deloitte Center for the Edge
Jennifer Carpenter
Vice President of Talent Acquisition
Michael Collins
Vice President
Jobs for the Future
Katie Ebrahimi
Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer
Unisys Corporation
Cherita Ellens
President and Chief Executive Officer
Women Employed
Robert Gibbs
Mission Support Director
Deepa Gupta
Founder and Principal
Blue Lotus Advisors
John Hagel
Deloitte Center for the Edge
Bill Huffaker
Senior Vice President, Integrated Talent
Cerner Corporation
Susan Podlogar
Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer
MetLife, Inc.
Pamela Puryear
Senior Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer
Zimmer Biomet
Laura Morgan Roberts
Professor of Practice
University of Virginia, Darden School of Business
Alexi Robichaux
Chief Executive Officer
Melissa Rowe
Vice President, Global Research Talent
RAND Corporation
Lesley Slaton-Brown
Chief Diversity Officer
Shaun Smith
Senior Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer
New York Presbyterian
Becky Snow
Global Vice President of People & Organization
  • Where are we today: A Societal Experiment in a New Kind of Workforce
    • How are employees faring in this current environment? 
    • How have you adapted to a distributed workforce? 
  • Where do we need to be: Reimagining a Purpose-Driven Workforce
    • How are you developing an agile, purposeful workforce for your organization?
    • What learnings from the last 6 months should be preserved? 
    • How are your diversity and inclusion efforts playing into the broad view of employee engagement and purpose?
  • How do we get there: The Flourishing Enterprise
    • How can we make better use of available talent by accommodating the changing needs of workers?
    • What should leaders be doing now to prepare for the next 6 months, and the next 6 years?

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