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A National Cybersecurity Agenda for Resilient Digital Infrastructure - Acknowledgments

The Aspen Cybersecurity Group is a forum for a diverse range of voices, and this report draws on the advice and expertise of a variety of outside partners and colleagues across industry, government, and civil society. As with any attempt to distill the collective wisdom of an entire community, our efforts have relied on the counsel of too many individuals to acknowledge here. But we would like to give special thanks to people and organizations who graciously volunteered their time to reflect on the challenges ahead of us and help craft a path toward progress. 

This report was compiled, managed, and written by David Forscey, Managing Director of the Aspen Cybersecurity Group, with assistance from the entire team at Aspen Digital, including Savilla Pitt, Beth Semel, Garrett Graff, Carner Derron, and Vivian Schiller. Special thanks to Betsy Cooper, Meha Ahluwalia, Mai Sistla, Dominique Harrison, and Kristine Gloria for their contributions on some of the report’s most important sections. 


Marene Allison Sharon Bradford Franklin David Mussington
John Bansemer Jay Healey David O’Brien
Laura Bate Trey Herr Allison Peters
Kristin Berdan Yurie Ito Michael Prebil
David Clark Ryan Kalember Philip Reiner
Larry Clinton Elena Kvochko Diane Rinaldo
Gary Corn Nick Leiserson Paul Rosenzweig
Jennifer Daskal Tim Maurer Ross Schulman
Mieke Eoyang Marian Merritt Ari Schwartz
Gregory Falco Erin Miller Steven Trush
Alan Friedman Mark Montgomery Sam Visner
Michael Garcia Travis Moore Beau Woods
Harley Geiger Sarah Morris Jamil Jaffer
Tracie Grella Ben Moskowitz


Atlantic Council MITRE
American University National Governors Association
Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education
Columbia University National Institute for Standards and Technology
Consumer Reports Open Technology Institute
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Proofpoint
Cybersecurity Coalition R Street Institute
CyberGreen Technology for Global Security
Global Cyber Alliance Third Way
Institute for Cyber Law, Policy, and Security (Pitt Cyber) University of California Berkeley
Internet Security Alliance U.S. Cyberspace Solarium Commission


This report is made possible thanks to the generosity and support of the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation and Craig Newmark Philanthropies.