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Loneliness signals the need for human connection. At the center of our exploration is how we come to understand the mechanisms that drive loneliness and its prevalence, and the potential impact tech-nology may have on the experience. The goal continues to be learning more about how this emotion is defined, experienced, measured, and navigated through conducting empirical research, building communities of practice, and hearing lived-experiences.

In an effort to expand our learning, we turned our attention to un-derstanding the experience of loneliness in India. With its political and spiritual histories, dozens of languages and dialects, varying economic conditions, specific public infrastructures, and many identities, India illustrates the role context plays in shaping the ex-perience of loneliness.

Coming together, the Ananta Centre, Aspen Digital, and Facebook, are dedicated to addressing how we may better connect with one another and ourselves.


We thank Neha Kipral for her guidance and invaluable insights in formulating these discussions, and for moderating the meetings. We also thank the various practitioners, technologists, researchers, and fellows who shared their time, expertise, and passion with us. Thanks, also, to Dr. Kristine Gloria, our rapporteur, for capturing the various dialogues, debates, and nuanced viewpoints of partici-pants. As typical of our roundtables, this report is the rapporteur’s distillation of the dialogue. It does not necessarily reflect the opin-ion of each participant or their employer.

We hope this effort continues to expand our shared understanding and catalyzes additional action in helping us all navigate our social connections.

Kiran Pasricha
Chief Executive Officer
Ananta Centre

Vivian Schiller
Executive Director
Aspen Digital

Naomi Gleit
Vice President
Product & Social Impact
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