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Loneliness in India FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Why are the Aspen Institute and FB partnering? What does the partnership aim to do?
To further explore these opportunities and deepen our commitment to the field, Facebook is collaborating with The Aspen Institute to explore the intersection of loneliness, social connection, and technology.

The Aspen Institute fosters change by inspiring inclusive dialog, leadership, and action to help solve society’s greatest challenges. Its Aspen Digital program will take the lead in this partnership, and brings subject-matter expertise on technology, systems design, cognitive psychology, and public policy. Throughout this project, Aspen Digital will serve as a key connector, resource hub, and knowledge partner.

This effort will bring together a cross-sector global group of practitioners, researchers, community-leaders, nonprofits, technologists, content providers, and government organizations to share current research; illuminate needs and gaps; and inform potential interventions, technology design, and research to advance society’s understanding of the future of loneliness and social connection.

Why are Aspen Digital and the Ananta Centre partnering?
Following a successful completion of the Technology and Loneliness project, Aspen Digital and Facebook seek to expand our work to focus on loneliness across countries and cultures. Similar to the U.S./UK focused initiative, the goals are to convene cross-sector leaders and experts in the space of loneliness and well-being for the purpose of informing future research, research methodologies, and interventions; identify key themes specific to international regions and provide comparative analysis against previous findings; establish a network of international relationships and with researchers, academics, technologists and practitioners.