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What is the project on Loneliness, Social Connection, and Technology?

Aspen Digital and Facebook are collaborating to help advance the collective knowledge and understanding of loneliness, social connection, and technology, and how they intersect. This effort, which began in Summer 2020, brings together diverse groups of cross-sector experts—from academia, health, technology, nonprofit, and government—to share current research, identify related gaps, and inform future inquiry and solutions. This report is a synthesis from these discussions. The project remains ongoing.

About Aspen Digital

Aspen Digital empowers policy makers, civic organizations, companies and the public to be responsible stewards of technology and digital media in the service of a more just and equitable world. Through convenings, fellowships, publications, interactive toolkits, and thought leadership, we work towards values-based and human solutions to digital challenges. Aspen Digital shines a light on urgent global issues across the news information ecosystem, cybersecurity, emerging technology, urban innovation and the technology talent pipeline — and then turns ideas into action. Our flagship initiatives include the Tech Policy Hub, Aspen Cyber Summit, Cybersecurity Group, Center for Urban Innovation, Communications Policy, Emerging Technology Trust Initiative, Institutional Innovation, and the Tech X Talent Project.