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John Clippinger - Participant

John Henry Clippinger is co-founder and Executive Director of ID3 (Institute for Innovation & Data Driven Design), a 501 C(3) non profit organization formed to develop and field test legal and software trust frameworks for data-driven services, infrastructures, and enterprises. He is also a Research Scientist at the MIT Media Lab’s Human Dynamics Group, Previously, Dr. Clippinger was founder and Co-Director of The Law Lab ( at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University. He was also a Senior Fellow at the Berkman Center where co-founded the Project Higgins, an open source, and identity framework ( to give users control over their personal information.

Dr. Clippinger is the author of A Crowd of One: The Future of Individual Identity (Perseus, Public Affairs, 2007, and The Biology of Business, Natural Laws of Enterprise Josey Bass, 1998 ). Previously, he was Director of Intellectual Capital, Coopers & Lybrand and the founder of four artificial intelligence software companies. He consults with companies, foundations, NGOs, and government agencies on technology, policy and business strategy issues related to privacy, trust frameworks and social networks. 

John is the author of several recent articles and chapters on topics related to identity, trust frameworks and governance: With David Bollier, A Renaissance of the Commons: How the New Sciences and Internet are Framing a New Global Identity and Order, chapter in Code: Collaboration, Ownership and the Digital Economy Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press.2009; Social Physics, Designing New Social Institutions, The Center for Natural and Social Science, Chinese Academy of Science, Bejing China, September; 2007 ; On Protecting One’s Good Name: An Inquiry into Effective Reputation and Rating Systems, in Hassan Massum, Mark Tovey, editors, Reputation Society, MIT Press.

Dr. Clippinger is a graduate of Yale University and holds a MA. and Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania where completed his thesis on a computational model of discourse composition, (Meaning and Discourse, Johns Hopkins University Press, 1977) He is a member of the eG8 Forum, and the Global Leadership Telco Council and the Risk Analysis Network for the World Economic Forum, frequent participant at The DoD sponsored Highlands Forum, The Aspen Institute, the CEO Leadership Institute of Yale School of Management, Creative Leadership Summit, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Aspen Institute Italy, Telco 2.0, Fortune Brainstorm, Arab Thought Leadership Conference, Kauffman Summer Institute, Monaco Media Forum, Ashoka, and The Santa Fe Institute Business Network.





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