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Daniel X. O'Neil - Participant

Daniel X. O’Neil is the Executive Director of the Smart Chicago Collaborative, a civic organization devoted to making lives better in Chicago through technology. Smart Chicago was founded by the City of Chicago, the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, and The Chicago Community Trust and works to apply the transformative power of technology to solve problems for the people of Chicago.

Prior to the Smart Chicago, O’Neil was a co-founder of and People Person for EveryBlock, a neighborhood news and discussion site serving 16 cities. He was responsible for uncovering new data sets through online research and working with local governments. In August 2009 EveryBlock was purchased by  After acquisition, O’Neil ran Business Development for EveryBlock, working on advertising, content partnerships, and integration with the core site. During this time period, O’Neil participated in the open data/ open government movement, advising governments and candidates on policy.



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