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Heather Mills - Participant

Ms. Mills is a Senior Analyst and serves as CTC’s Funding Strategies Team Lead, working with clients to help identify federal and regional funding opportunities, as well as applying for and complying with the requirements of major federal broadband programs. She has expertise in the Federal Communications Commission’s E-Rate program and Healthcare Connect Fund.

Over the past few years, Ms. Mills wrote an E-Rate program guidebook geared toward municipal and non-profit providers, helped to prepare client responses to E-Rate RFPs, directed the strategy and development of RFPs for libraries and schools applying for E-Rate, and helped new clients develop consortium-based approaches to the Healthcare Connect Fund.

Ms. Mills has also prepared and provided guidance for FirstNet grant applications and provided grant management services to help maximize the benefits of those grants.

In addition, Ms. Mills serves as CTC’s Director of Operations, overseeing financial management and budgeting, billing, accounts receivable, accounts payable, human resources, and contracts.

Ms. Mills has managed public education campaigns for non-profit organizations and previously managed two private grant-making foundations. She holds a bachelor’s degree in English, a master’s degree in Political Science, and a master’s degree in Management.



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Principal Analyst and Director of Operations