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Nova Spivack - Participant

Nova is the founder and CEO of Magical, an early stage science and technology venture incubator. He was recognized as one of the top 20 futurists in the world, as well as one of the top most leaders in technology in Los Angeles. He was Founder and CEO of Bottlenose (sold in 2017), an artificial intelligence and big data analytics company. He also advises and invests in numerous ventures, including Fuzionaire (a breakthrough chemistry venture founded out of Caltech), The Daily Dot (a popular online newspaper), and Klout (social analytics; sold to Lithium). In 1994, Nova co-founded one of the first Internet companies, EarthWeb, in the USA, which led to a record-breaking NASDAQ IPO in 1998, and a second IPO of spinout, DICE, in 2007. He then worked with Stanford Research International (SRI), to co-found their technology incubator, where he worked on the original research that became SIRI, the intelligent assistant (sold to Apple). Nova also serves on the board of directors of the Common Crawl Foundation, a 5+ billion page, free and open search index of the Web. He is also the founder of the Arch Mission Foundation, a not-for-profit foundation that builds billion year archives of humanity’s most important data.

Nova has authored hundreds of articles, and more than 30 granted and pending patents in areas including AI, search, advertising, social media, augmented reality, virtual reality, and interactive TV. He attended college early and studied Philosophy at Oberlin College in 1991, with a focus on artificial intelligence and cognitive science; he did graduate study in Space Life Sciences at The International Space University, and participated in research at MIT. He flew to the edge of space in 1999, and then angel-funded Space Adventures, one of the first space tourism companies. His grandfather was management guru, Peter Drucker.





Founder and Chief Executive Officer