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Filip Noubel - Participant

Filip Noubel is co-founder of Beijing Awareness and since May 2006 has been based in Beijing leading Internews’ China program on media development and media law (   An international political science and news media expert, he has been deeply involved with Asian media for more than 10 years. 

Noubel is an expert on social media and its intersection with news reporting, civil society and citizen journalism in China, and is a frequent advisor to embassies, government agencies and NGOs.  He maintains an academic career with ongoing research, print and film interviews, and translations.

After studying Soviet and East Asian studies in Tokyo, Paris, Prague and Beijing, Noubel began working in Prague (1995) as an editor for an Internet publication covering news from Central Europe, Russia and China. He later returned to Central Asia (where he grew up) as an editor and later as a media analyst for organizations including Internews, the United Nations and the International Crisis Group. He later worked as a political analyst for international organizations in Nepal, Bhutan, the Caucasus and Central Asia.

Since 2006 he has been based in Beijing. Noubel’s work with editors, journalists, judges, lawyers, non-governmental organizations and corporate social responsibility-oriented businesspeople is designed to promote media professionalism and create a stronger and exchange across the formerly high boundaries of media law, legal and environmental reporting, digital media and innovation.  He has implemented similar projects in Mongolia and Kyrgyzstan, and has partnered with the BBC. 

Because of his deep involvements in these areas, Noubel advises experts at governmental, civil society, think tank and donor levels on U.S.-China relations.

Noubel is an Asia Society Fellow (, and a frequent speaker.  Engagements have included TED, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, and various United Nations conferences.  He focuses on three main areas: digital media narratives, U.S.-China relations and the social and cultural history in Central Asia, China and Himalayan region.

Under an Asian Society fellowship, Noubel is researching the horizontal rich media narratives that are driving changes in the perception, use and distribution of information and news globally.  He also pursued similar research at the Stanford-based Institute for the Future (innovation narratives – ).

In relation to cultural preservation in old Beijing, Noubel has been featured in two documentary movies. He is also an adviser to China’s first 3D animation studios in Beijing and Baoding, is currently working on a literary translation 3.0 platform for Chinese readers and is launching a Buddhism 3.0 online course this fall.



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