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Tim Aye-Hardy - Participant

Tim Aye-Hardy is the Director of Outreach at Burma Global Action Network. Born and raised in Burma (Myanmar), Tim grew up under multiple repressive regimes in the country where fundamental human rights were absent. Tim actively participated and spoke out during the 1988 student-led protests in Burma by giving speeches to thousands of students on human rights, freedom, peace and oppression while he was attending Rangoon Art and Science University (R.A.S.U). Later, he was expelled from the University due to his involvement and participation during the protests. He narrowly escaped multiple arrests and crackdowns by the Burmese military regime for speaking out against the regime’s repressions and raising awareness about human rights abuses.

Tim left Burma for the United States in 1989 after another brutal military coup took control of the country.

He attended California Polytechnic University, Pomona and San Diego State University, and earned B.S. and M.S. degrees in Computer Science in 1998 and 2007, respectively.

Tim is currently involved with following groups and organizations:

- Chairperson, International Forum Planning Committee with the UNESCO Chair & Institute of Comparative Human Rights (;

- Member, Central Working Committee and New York Coordinator for Citizen of Burma ( – Burmese helping Burmese in humanitarian needs;

- Inaugural Carl Wilkens Fellow, Genocide Intervention Network
( - Seeking to bridge the gap between thought and action in the anti-genocide movement;

- Closely working with Burmese community in New York City and with various refugee resettlement agencies, such as Catholic Charities, International Rescue Committee and Alliance for African Assistance since 2004 to assist and counsel refugees and Burmese exiles.



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