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Spectrum 2016 - Background Readings

This collection of reading materials was created to prepare participants for the 2016 Aspen Institute Roundtable on Spectrum Policy by providing an overview of and background information on the topic, Revisiting Spectrum Policy of the National Broadband Plan. The selection of readings introduces a range of spectrum policy considerations. It is not intended to be a comprehensive collection of materials on the topic, but rather an overview of subjects relevant to the 2016 Spectrum Policy dialogue.

Federal Communication Commission, “Chapter 5: Spectrum”. Connecting America: The National Broadband Plan. March 17, 2010.

Richard Adler, Setting the Communications Policy Agenda for the Next Administration (Washington D.C.: Aspen Institute: September 2016).

Sean Barrett, “Next-Gen Wi-Fi Will Actually Connect the Internet of Things,” Wired, January 14, 2016.

Ryan Knutson, “Verizon to Start Selling Wireless Data Plans for Drones,” The Wall Street Journal, October 6, 2016.

Drew Scherban, “Towards quantum Internet: Researchers teleport particle of light six kilometer,”, September 21, 2016.

Cisco Visual Networking Index, “Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update, 2015-2020 White Paper,” Cisco, February 1, 2016. (abridged version included).

Ericsson, “Ericsson Mobility Report: On the Pulse of the Networked Society”, Ericsson, June 2016. (abridged version included).