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David Bollier - Rapporteur, Participant

David Bollier is an author, activist, independent scholar and blog­ger well-known for his work on the commons as a new paradigm of economics, politics and culture. He pursues this scholarship and activ­ism as co-founder of the Commons Strategies Group, an advocacy/consulting project that assists the international commons movement. Bollier has written or edited seven books on the commons, including Patterns of Commoning (2015), co-edited with Silke Helfrich; Think Like a Commoner: A Short Introduction to the Life of the Commons (2014); Green Governance: Ecological Survival, Human Rights and the Commons (2013), co-authored with Burns Weston; and an anthology of essays, The Wealth of the Commons: A World Beyond Market and State (2012), co-edited with Silke Helfrich.

Bollier spent many years in various policy jobs in Washington, D.C.– in Congress, the auto safety agency, with Ralph Nader and others–in the 1970s and 1980s. In 2001 Bollier co-founded Public Knowledge, a Washington advocacy organization for the public’s stake in the Internet, telecom and copyright policy. For twenty-five years, until 2010, Bollier collaborated with television producer, writer and activist Norman Lear on a wide variety of non-television public affairs and political projects. Bollier blogs at; lives in Amherst, Massachusetts.



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